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Tables and Chairs

Baker Tent & Party Rental offers a wide variety of tables and chairs. All of the chairs (excluding the Cafe chair) have a bar that runs from the rear left leg to the rear right leg. This bar offers support for chair use outdoors. If you are using your chairs indoors on a delicate surface, let your Baker Tent representative know when placing your order because some of Baker chairs have the capability of utilizing Plastic feet to protect the floor surface. Not gentle enough? Baker Tent & Party Rental also offers the service of felt tipping chairs and table legs for an additional charge. Please inquire with you Baker representative for farther details on this service.


Bar Tables

When serving beverages at an event, bar tables are an ideal item to have. They provide a lower work surface for the bar tender to work off of as well as a small storage area under the table's shelf for extra bottles, garnishes, glasses, stir sticks, etc to be stored. It also offers a taller easier to reach shelf area for your guest to retrieve their drink from. Our bar tables are supplied standard with black linen to create a nice formal appearance meanwhile helping to hide any spills throughout the night.

Cocktail Tables

Cocktail tables are that perfect little table for events where you prefer your guest to move and mingle. The tables give them a place to set their camera while on the dance floor or to set their drink down freeing their hands to enjoy the appetizers. Its a great way to give them a place to set their things while at the same time encouraging them to move about the venue and visit with others. 

Farm Table and Benches

Farm Tables are currently whats new and popular in the wedding industry. These tables bring a beautiful natural wood look to your event meanwhile still maintaining a classy upscale feel. 

Rectangle Banquet Tables

Banquet tables are the most versatile style of table. They are great for guest seating, buffets, head tables, conference booths, luncheons, garage sales, side walk sales, etc. The list goes on and on the number of uses a banquet table renders ideal for. 

Round Tables

It is a popular thought that round tables create a more intimate and formal setting for your guests. It directs their line of attention towards each other opening up a more social atmosphere. We offer 4 different size round tables for seating. 

Serpentine Tables

Tired of the same old straight rectangle tables for your buffet lines? What to make a statement? Try a serpentine table. These tables when added end to end for the shape of an "S". They can also be rotated to  create a "U" or even add two more sections and create an "O" with a hole in the center. A versatile table shape that allows your set up to be fun and creative. 


Baker boast 15 different styles of chairs for your event. Not too hard and not to soft but with this selection, your bound to find one thats just right!