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Questions and Answers

  • Do you deliver outside of Grand Rapids and if so what is the delivery cost?

    Baker Tent & Party Rental's office and warehouse is located in Grand Rapids so any delivery in the city of Grand Rapids is considered local to us and is charged a standard $80 for delivery. We are happy to deliver outside of Grand Rapids as well, the delivery charge is based off of the mileage to city we are delivering to.  Baker Tent representatives have a list of most cities in Michigan and the delivery charge to each. Feel free to call for a quote to your particular city. 

  • Can I pick up my own equipment to avoid paying a delivery cost?

    Most of Baker Tent Rental's equipment is allowed to be picked up and returned by the customer themselves to avoid a delivery charge. Please keep in mind that if you pick up the items that means you must also install, uninstall and return the items as well. There are a few things that our clients can not pick up either due to travel size or installation requirements. Items that must be delivered by a Baker Tent Crew are Tents (canopies do not apply), Chandeliers, Dance Floors & Portable Toilets.  

  • What color linens do you carry?

    We carry over 60 different colors in our standard polyester linens. Many colors offer multiple shades. Check out our linen products page for examples of these colors. 

  • Are colored linens more expensive than white ones?

    No, our linen prices are based off of the material and size, not the color. A white polyester 60x120 linen will run the same price as a hot pink polyester 60x120 linen. This is nice because it allows many people to tie in their event colors at no additional cost than when they were already planning to spend for standard white linens. 

  • How do I know what size linen I am going to need?

    We carry linens of all shapes and sizes. If you can provide a Baker Tent representative with the measurements of your table, we can help you narrow down which linen sizes we offer that would fit your table size the closest. Please keep in mind that the linen sizes that we offer are based off of standard table sizes in the banquet industry. If your table is a unusual size, we can not guarantee that the linen will fit exact but we will be happy to help you find what sizes will come the closest. 

  • Is there a minimum quantity when renting items?

    No, there is no minimum when renting any of our items. We have many clients that come rent one linen and eight napkins for their personal holiday get-togethers. Its a fun inexpensive way to tie in the seasonal colors with your dinner parties.

  • Do tents have to be staked into the ground?

    All Stake and Pole Tents are installed with tension. In order to create this tension efficiently the tent must be staked into the ground at every staking point on all four sides. When leaving out stakes, the fabric of the tent top is no longer uniformly pulled taught and sagging can occur. Sagging runs structural risks that can compromise the safety of the tent. 

    Frame Tents, Navi Track Tents and Pop Up Canopies are free standing structures that do not require this tension to stand erect but do require being staked in to the ground or being sufficiently weighted with water or cement, to keep from shifting after installation. 

  • Can I place a tent over a driveway, patio or other surface that can not be staked into?

    Yes, Frame Tents, Navi Track Tents and Pop Up Canopies can be installed over surfaces that can not be staked into. These style tents are free standing and do not require tension to keep them erect. They do however require a weighting system such as water jugs, barrels or ballasts (depending on tent size) in order to keep them securely in place. Please contact a Baker Tent representative if your tent can not be staked in and they will help you figure out what type of weighting system is needed for your tent choice. 

    **Please keep in mind when placing a tent on a deck, patio or against a housing structure that the tents need a certain height clearance free from any eves or overhangs. 

  • Can I connect a tent to a structure such as a house, garage or another tent?

    Frame Tents, Navi Track Tents and Pop Up Canopies can be bumped up against another structure. Certain restrictions apply so talk to your Baker Tent representative about your particular request. 

    Stake & Pole Tents have ropes that extend 5 feet out from the parameter of the tent edge. These ropes run to a stake that is driven into the ground. This will prevent you from placing the tent right up against a solid structure (ie: house, garage, wall, fence, etc.) When placing a Stake & Pole tent against another tent, a 5 ft. to 10 ft. gap will exists between the two tents (allowing room for the ropes and stakes to exist.)