Baker offers 16 different chair styles to choose from.

All of our chairs (excluding the Cafe chair) have a bar that runs from the rear left leg to the rear right leg. This bar offers support for chair use outdoors. If you are using your chairs indoors on a delicate surface, let your Baker Tent representative know when placing your order because some of Baker chairs have the capability of utilizing Plastic feet to protect the floor surface. 

    Day/Weekend   Week                              Day/Weekend   Week 
Charcoal Samsonite
* Will show significant discoloration and signs of use.
Best used with chair cover. 
$1.25 $1.80 Vintage Natural Wood $4.25 $5.50
Black Samsonite $1.60 $1.95

Natural Wood
White pads are an additional $1.50 per chair

$4.50 $7.00
Soft White  Samsonite
(Off White)
$1.95 $3.45 Vintage
White Wood
Not Available
White Samsonite
$2.15 $3.65 White Resin
(padded seat)
$5.00 $6.00
Cafe` Chair $2.75 $3.75
Black Resin
(padded seat)
$4.50 $5.50
Ivory Fan Back $2.40 $3.75
Black Wood
(padded seat)
$4.50 $6.50
Black Fan Back $2.25 $2.30 Mahogany Wood
White pads are an additional $1.50 per chair
$4.50 $6.50
IMG_0463.jpg Bar Stool $10.00 $15.00
Ladder Back
Bar Stool
$10.00 $15.00

Set up/Tear down service is available for $1.00 per chair + delivery.