Baker offers 16 different chair styles to choose from.  Not too hard and not to soft but with this selection, your bound to find one that's just right!

All of our chairs (excluding the Cafe chair) have a bar that runs from the rear left leg to the rear right leg. This bar offers support for chair use outdoors. If you are using your chairs indoors on a delicate surface, let your Baker Tent representative know when placing your order because some of Baker chairs have the capability of utilizing Plastic feet to protect the floor surface. 

    Day/Weekend  Week      Day/Weekend  Week 
Charcoal Samsonite $1.25 $1.80 Vintage
Natural Wood
$4.00 $5.50
Black Samsonite $1.45 $1.95 Natural Wood
Black pad included. White pads add $1.50 per chair.
$4.25 $7.00
Soft White Samsonite
(Off White)
$1.95 $3.45 Vintage
White Wood
$4.00 $5.50
White Samsonite $2.15 $3.65 White Resin
(padded seat)
$4.50 $6.00
Cafe` Chair $2.75 $3.75
Black Resin
(padded seat)
$4.00 $5.50
Ivory Fan Back $2.25 $3.75
Black Wood
(padded seat)
$4.00 $6.50
Black Fan Back $1.90 $2.30 Mahogany Wood
Black pad included. White pads add $1.50 per chair
$4.00 $6.50
IMG_0463.jpg Bar Stool $10.00 $15.00 Ladder Back
Bar Stool
$10.00 $15.00

Set up/Tear down service is available for $1.00 per chair + delivery.