Rental Policies


• Upon placing an order, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due. The remaining balance is due one week prior to the "Due Out" date on the rental contract. If the order is placed within 10 days prior to the event date, the full balance is due upon placing the order.
• Payments can be made by Cash or by Credit Card over the phone. Please have your order / quote number on hand when making a payment.
• Included in your grand total is a non refundable 8% damage waiver. This covers any accidental damage and is mandatory on all orders. 
• In the event of a cancellation (Covid-19 related cancellations included), the 50% deposit is non-refundable. 
• Cancellation between the date the order is placed and 2 days before the delivery/pick up date - 50% is non refundable.
• Cancellation by 4pm the day before delivery/pick up - 60% is non refundable.
• Cancellation after 4pm the day before delivery through the actual day of delivery - 80% is non refundable.
• Equipment delivered & off the truck when canceled - 100% is non refundable.

Customer Pick up & Return:

Winter pick up / return hours:
PICK UP HOURS are From 10:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. at the warehouse ramp. RETURN HOURS are From 10:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. at the warehouse ramp.
Summer pick up / return hours:
PICK UP HOURS are From 9:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the warehouse ramp. RETURN HOURS are From 9:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the warehouse ramp.

Customer pick ups are self serve, please be prepared to assist with loading & unloading. If you have an order and that requires loading or unloading  large or heavy items, please contact the office to schedule a time to pick up or return so we can ensure that we have extra staff on hand at the loading area to assist. Thank you!

• Equipment may NOT be returned to Baker outside of Baker's business hours. Equipment must be returned to a Baker Tent Rental staff member to ensure all items are accounted for. Any client that disregards this rule and chooses to drop off equipment at Baker's building outside of business hours will be held responsible for the safety of all rented items and charged full replacement cost of any damaged or missing equipment.

Delivery Terms:

• The delivery fee in the Grand Rapids area is $120.00. Please call for delivery fees outside of Grand Rapids.
• Carry fees may apply if needed. Please specify the exact location on site and if there is direct delivery vehicle access. 
• Quotes are based off the assumption that the delivery and / or pick up will take place during Baker Tent Rental's business hours. Deliveries / pick ups outside of Baker Tent's business hours need to be specified when the order is placed. An After Hours or Early Hours fee may apply if needed. 
• During peak rental months, the Baker crew will require flexibility with delivery and pick up. Specific delivery & pick up times will not be available. We appreciate your understanding. 

Tent Terms:

• All tents installed by Baker Tent Rental will meet industry standards for safety. Baker Tent Rental will not be responsible for damages caused by a tent that has been altered by any individual.
• Canopies and stake & pole style tents must be staked into ground completely along all four sides and corners. This means that the tent cannot be placed over a drive way or on concrete. For tents going over a driveway or concrete, please contact Baker for proper tent options or visit the Frame Tent section of our products page.
• The customer is responsible for locating and flagging any underground lines, septic, or irrigation prior to installation.
• The customer is responsible for providing electricity to the edge of the tent if needed.

• Installation of canopies can be added for $100.00 per canopy.
• Winter installation fee applies November 1st through April 1st.
• Client is responsible for clearing snow from the top of the tent. The 8% damage waiver DOES NOT cover any damage done by heavy snow. Client is responsible for any damage done to the tent by heavy snow that has not been removed.

• ATTN! Tents larger than 20'x20' may require a tent/temporary structure permit. Please contact your local permit office for details. Baker Tent Rental does NOT obtain permits for the client, but can provide certificates of flame resistance upon request.

Table Linen Terms:

• We kindly request a minimum of two weeks notice for all table linen orders and final counts to ensure availability. Please keep in mind that all table linens are pressed in house per order to provide you with a fresh and wrinkle free product. Linen Processing time varies per order. 
• Please remove all debris from table linens before placing in the mesh return bag that was provided. 
• Remove all pins & untie knots before returning. 
• No glitter, wax, adhesives or intentional holes / alterations. Additional labor and or damage fees may apply if needed. 
• In-Stock linens canceled within the two weeks leading up to your event will incur a 25% restock fee.
• Special order linens canceled will still be charged at 100%.

• Linen orders placed 3 business days or less prior to the pick up or delivery date will incur a rush processing fee.   
• The rush order fee ranges between $25 and $100 depending on the particular circumstances of each order. This covers the additional labor needed to get the order processed in time for the customers event. We will always notify the customer if a rush fee is needed and it will only apply if the order is placed within three days of the pick up or delivery date. Orders placed after hours (4pm) 4 days prior to the pick up or delivery date will also include a rush fee as we will not receive the order until the following day which then falls into that 3 day rush processing window.
• To prevent permanent damage, linens must be returned by "due in date" in the mesh bags provided by Baker Tent Rental. Any customer that returns linens late, or not in mesh bags, resulting in permanent staining, will be charged full replacement cost of the damaged linens.
• Any linens not returned will be charged at FULL replacement cost.
• If available, linens may be picked up a day early for an additional 10% rental charge.

For questions regarding any of our policies, please contact us at 616 454-8505 or email us at Thank you!