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All White Tents

Baker Tent Rental offers a wide variety of white tents. These tents are great for Weddings, Grand Openings, Appreciation Banquets, a Black Tie Affair, Retirement Parties and any other type of formal event.

Our All White Tents come on 7' tall side poles as standard.** For a larger, wider span, elevate your All White Tent to 8' tall side poles free of charge. Side curtains are not included in the tent rental price but can be added for an additional cost. Please visit our Side Curtains & Accessories page for more tent options.

All tent prices include standard set up by our Baker Tent Rental crew. Delivery to Grand Rapids areas is $80.00 & includes a 20' tailgate delivery. Call for other locations or farther carry distances.

The grids below show what each tent size will hold. The tables are not included in the tent rental price listed below. They are for information purposes only. These quantities (either banquets or rounds but not both) are the maximum of what will fit comfortably, not leaving room for anything else. Please keep this in mind when determining what size tent you will need.


All White Stake and Pole Tents

All White Stake & Pole tents contain center poles and a vinyl white tent top that follows a straight roof line. This is a very common tent style in the industry as well as a nice price conscious choice for an event on a budget where the formality of a white top is still a must. All of Baker Tent Rental's White Stake & Pole style tents now come with all white side poles for that extra touch of elegance.

Century Mate All White Tents

Much like a princess in a fairy tale, this Century Mate Tent will make any bride feel like her wedding day is a dream come true. The Century Mate Tent contains center poles that reach to a taller height than that of the standard stake & pole tents. The vinyl tent top then hugs these curves to make a swooping effect. This effect, along with the taller center poles, gives the illusion of a much wider open space inside the tent. A perfect, classy and spacious feel for any formal event.

Frame Tents

Frame Tents are fantastic structures when staking into the ground is not an option. Due to the large aluminum framing, these structure tents can stand on their own without the tension of being staked into the ground. 

All White High Peak Frame Tents

High Peak Frame Tents combine the elegance of a dramatic peak, much like the Century Mate Tent, and the versatility of the clear span interior and stake free (when necessary) benefits of the Frame Tents and Navi Track Tents.

All White Navi Track Tents

The Navi Track Tent is the top in its class of clear span structures. This large center pole-less tent boasts an impressive wide open interior span of up to 40' across. The aluminum frame is made of channeled beams which securely hug the panels of vinyl fabric, creating a smooth taught effect. The channeled box beams also give the clear span structure maximum stability. Its extravagant and stunning appearance is something that speaks for itself. Let it say something spectacular about your event