High Peak Frame Tents combine the elegance of a dramatic peak, much like the Century Mate Tent, and the versatility of the clear span interior and stake free (when necessary) benefits of the Frame Tents and Navi Track Tents only on a smaller scale. Boasting a clear open span free of center poles makes this tent ideal for wedding ceremonies or dance floor coverage.  Each High Peak Frame Tent contains one center peak. Photo below shows two 20x20 High Peak Frame Tents next to each other. Please keep this in mind when planning your tent requirements off of the visual effect that it will give.

All White High Peak Frame Tents  TABLES & CHAIRS NOT INCLUDED 

  Sq. Ft. 8' Banquet Tables # People 5' Round Tables # People Weekend Week
10x10 100 2 10 1 8 $240 $280
10x20 200 3 24 2 16 $400 $440
15x15 225 4 32 3 24 $410 $450
20x20 400 5 40 4 32 $475 $530

* High Peak Frame Tents are only available in 8' heights and do not include any side curtains in the rental price.

** Frame Tents & Navi Track Tents must be weighted down with water barrels and/or water ballasts for safety reasons, if they cannot be staked into the ground. Mother Nature can move a tent easily, especially if it isn't't secured by 42" tent stakes anchored into the ground. Because of this Baker Tent Rental requires the use of the appropriate amount of water weights on any and all tents not being staked into the ground at all required points. Water Barrels and Water Ballasts are available at additional cost. Please call a Baker Tent adviser for more details if your tent can not be staked into the ground.