The look and texture of Burlap in a soft, mess free fabric.

We kindly request a minimum of 2 weeks notice for linen orders to ensure availability. Please keep in mind that all linens are pressed in house per order to ensure a fresh and wrinkle free product. Processing time varies per order. Any orders placed 3 days or less prior to the "Due Out" date on your rental contract will incur a rush processing fee. 


Size Day / Weekend
90" Round $18.00
108" Round $21.50
120" Round $25.00
132" Round $34.25
54x96 $18.00
60x120 $21.00
90x132 $35.00
90x156 $40.00
45x45 $10.00
54x54 $12.00
60x60 $13.50
72x72 $18.75
84x84 $22.50
7x108 Runner $6.50
14x108 Runner $12.50
14x120 Runner $13.75
Sash $4.00
Napkin $1.50

* Most table linens will have permanent press cross hair lines / creases from processing, but are wrinkle free. These press lines are very common in the event rental industry and can not be ironed out. Dye lot variations may occur. For further information regarding table linen processing, please speak with a Baker Tent representative. Thank you!