Plastic table covers are great for events such as open houses that are going to see many visitors sharing the same table. These handy little things can be wiped off between guest to provide for a nice clean pleasant experience before each guest. They are considered a purchase so depending on how gentle you are with your covers, they may last you through more than one event. The best part is that they have elastic built into the parameter of the table cover so they virtually hug your table top. No more chasing the table cover across the yard because the wind blew it away and the days of wasting time taping them down are no longer. Check these handy little items out for your next event.

8' Banquet Solid Color $4.50
6' Banquet Solid Color $4.50
5' Round Solid Color $5.50
3' Round Solid Color $5.50
6' & 8' Banquet Print $5.50
3' & 5' Round Print $6.00