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It is a popular thought that round tables create a more intimate and formal setting for your guests. It directs their line of attention towards each other opening up a more social atmosphere. 

Keep in mind when laying out a floor plan that round tables will take up 25% more of your floor space in comparing to rectangular banquet tables. When round tables are the table of choice but space is at a minimum, please consider using 5' round tables vs. 6' round tables for your guests. The 5' round tables best maximize the usable space, which is why you'll see all of our tent seating charts referencing 8' banquet tables and 5' round tables vs. any other style and size. 

  Seats # People Day Price Week Price
6' Round Table 10 $13.50 $26
5' Round Table 8 $11.50 $23
4' Round Table 6 $10.75 $21
3' Round Table 4 $10.75 $21

Set up/Tear down services also available for $3.50 per table.