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Used Equipment

From time to time equipment gets worn out or damaged and we have to clear way for new stuff. When this happens we list things here for sale to the public.

Items can be inspected but must be done by appointment only during Baker's business hours. You are welcome to call our offices at (616) 454-8505 to make an appointment. Items are sold as is and on a first come first service basis. Unless specified, prices are set and non-negotiable. Thank you!

Damaged or Discontinued Linens

PRICE: Range $2 up to $5
We have linens that have been either damaged, discontinued or become un-rentable for us in one way or another. We offer these linens for purchase in our showroom. The prices vary depending on fabric and linen size. They range from $2 for standard poly linens (of all sizes) up to $5 for specialty fabric, chair covers and skirts. We welcome you to stop on by to look through what Baker has to offer. *Please note Baker does not keep an inventory of what linens are offered in this re-sale department and there for are unable to tell you what is currently available. Because of these low prices we are unable to send employees looking for certain items, however we invite you to come peek and see what you can find!