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Banquet tables are the most versatile style of table. They are great for guest seating, buffets, head tables, conference booths, luncheons, garage sales, side walk sales, etc. The list goes on and on the number of uses a banquet table renders ideal for. 

Rectangular banquet tables are also more space effective than round tables. Do you want a more formal look but still like the oblong seating layout? Try placing two banquet tables side by side creating a large square dinning area. This has become quite popular in recent years and gives a nice unique look to a venue's seating. 
  Seats # People Day Price Week Price
8' Banquet Table (x 30") 8 $9.00 $18
8' Conference Table (x 24") 8 $9.00 $18
6' Banquet Table (x 30") 6 $9.00 $18

Set up/Tear down services also available for $3.50 per table.