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Striped Tents

We offer a few different colors of Striped Tents. Colors include Yellow/White (Y/W), Green/White (G/W), Blue/White (B/W), Red/White (R/W), and Pink/White (P/W). See colors listed after each size for particular availability. Our Striped Tents have 7' side poles and include standard solid side curtains. All tent prices include standard installation by our Baker Tent Rental crew. Delivery to Grand Rapids areas is $80.00. Call for other locations. The grids below show what each tent size will hold. The tables are not included in the tent rental price listed below. They are for information purposes only. These quantities (either banquets or rounds but not both) are the maximum of what will fit comfortably not leaving room for anything else. Please keep this in mind when determining what size tent you will need.


Striped Stake & Pole Tents

Striped Stake & Pole Tents scream festive and fun! They help catch the eye of those passing by and set the theme for your event goers. They also offer the maximum capacity for coverage at the most reasonable price offered. A great concept for Festivals, Fund raisers, Church Revivals, and Sales.

Striped Frame Tent

Striped Frame Tents are a great option when placing a casual event in a parking lot or on a cement property where you can not stake into. If not being staked in, the tent can be stabilized with water weights instead. See Tent Accessories for more information on other options for stabilizing tents with out staking into the ground. These tents do not contain a center pole creating a nice open area inside.

Round 40' Ends

Round end tents are quite unique. These tents are perfect if you are looking for something eye catching that not many people have seen before. These tents must be staked into the ground since they are held up by tension. If you want a round tent larger than a 40' round, then Baker Tent & Party Rentals offers options of adding rectangle tent sections in the middle to create an oblong circle.