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The white flush-able portable toilet is a favorite amongst weddings and more formal events. Looking similar on the exterior to the white event toilet, they also offer a foot pump flush and a foot pump sink inside along with a mirror on the inside of the door. They also come stocked with hand soap and paper towel for a more efficient bathroom experience. We do highly recommend placing a waste receptical outside the unit for paper towel disposal. (Discarding paper towel in the portable toilet is strongly discouraged as it can impair the flushing function in addition to other harm to the unit.) A Hand Sanitizer unit may be added to the white flush-able toilet if additional forms of hand washing are preferred. Please see "Portable Toilet Accessories" for additional pricing. Due to the high demand and higher water consumption, monthly rentals are not offered on this type of portable toilet unit.

Day Week Month
$150 $150 N/A