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Canopy Rentals

Canopies are a wonderful option when needing shade from nature's elements but not on a grand scale. Canopies are great for smaller size events such as graduation open houses, family reunions, birthday parties, anniversaries or even smaller wedding ceremonies. A common misconception of these wonderful canopies, is that they are only good at shading sun since they don't have sides. Canopies do not include sides to help keep cost low for those customers that don't want them. But sides can always be added to a canopy for that little extra weather protection. See our listing of side curtains on the Side Curtains & Tent Accessories products page for those individual prices. Canopies are a little more simple to transport and install than a large tent. Because of this, we allow the option for our clients to pick up and install the canopies themselves to save on cost. A canopy will fit in the back seat of a standard car because the side and center poles break down into sections. The installation process does require two people and a sledge hammer but is simple enough to be completed in about an hour. Baker Tent Rental's office staff will be happy to provide step by step installation instructions upon request.


10 x 10 Canopy

The 10x10 is the smallest of canopy coverage that we offer. Even though it doesn't seat many, it is an ideal coverage to get a small group of people out of the sun, cover a buffet line of food or when sides are added, to shield the bride of an outdoor ceremony from on lookers before she makes that great entrance down the aisle. There are many things this little canopy can do. 

16 x 16 Canopy

A 16x16 canopy is quite popular among smaller outdoor get together's such as birthday parties, anniversaries, and showers. This size canopy fits roughly 16-30 ppl. 

20 x 20 Canopy

The 20x20 canopies start to cover a little larger group such as graduation parties and garage sales. 
This size canopy covers approximately 32-40 ppl. 

20 x 30 Canopy

The 20x30 canopies are a great fit for most backyard parties. Seating approximately 48 to 60 ppl, they usually offer enough seating for an average size graduation party, family reunion or even to cover the alter area for a wedding ceremony. Having a rain plan for a ceremony otherwise planned for outside in the sunshine is always a smart idea. 

20 x 40 Canopy

The 20x40 is the largest size we offer our canopies in. This size seats approximately 64 to 80 ppl. Even though they travel small in size allowing our customers to pick up and install themselves, when erected they cover a nice size area proving that larger events can still be fulfilled on a smaller size budget. 

White Pop Up Canopies

Pop Up Canopies are fantastic for situations where you can't stake into the ground. (ie: going over a driveway, tailgater's in parking lots, shade over a deck, etc) These Pop Up Canopies are the simplest of canopies to install making them a popular favorite for customers looking to save money by installing the canopy themselves.