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Additional Items

This is one of those fantasic things that makes Baker Tent & Party Rental a great place to book your event, the additional items. We provide not only all of the large equipment such as tents, tables and chairs but also carry the smaller details needed to complete your event such as drink coolers, grills and heaters. This page is a great place to simply glance through, chances are you'll find a couple of things that would fit your event just perfectly.


PA Systems

AC/DC - 2 speakers with stands


Black metal stanchions with a 6' long black retractable strap.

White Recycle Box

There are more options to trash cans now a days. With recycling taking a new front in the fight against pollution, we now offer white recycle boxes as well as the traditional standard trash cans. The white recycle boxes are actually a purchase so why not remove the liner with contents, replace with new liner and use for can & bottles in your garage, or unflatten the box and save for your next event. The lid to the box comes with two punch-out options, one for recycling cans and one for trash, take your pick. The best part is (New starting 2014) these boxes are coated with a water resistant exterior to help fight againt mother natures elements.