Round end tents are quite unique. These tents are perfect if you are looking for something eye catching. These tents must be staked into the ground since they are held up by tension. If you want a round tent larger than a 40' round, we offer the option of adding rectangle tent sections in the middle to create an oblong tent.

 All tent prices include standard installation by our Baker Tent Rental crew. Delivery to Grand Rapids areas is $115.00. Call for other locations. The grids show what each tent size will hold. The tables are not included in the tent rental price listed. They are for information purposes only. These quantities (either banquets or rounds but not both) are the maximum of what will fit comfortably not leaving room for anything else. Please keep this in mind when determining what size tent you will need.


  Sq Ft. Colors Available 8' Banquet Tables # People 5' Round Tables # People Day / Weekend Week
40x40 1600 Y/W 20 160 12 120 $910.00 $975.00
40x60 2400 Y/W 30 240 23 180 $1030.00 $1095.00
40x80 3200 Y/W 40 320 30 240 $1156.00 $1215.00
40x100 4000 Y/W 50 400 38 300 $1275.00 $1335.00