Certain tents can be stabilized without staking them into the ground. Such tents include Frame Tents, Navi Track Tents and Pop-Up Canopies. This option comes in handy when a tent is going to be installed on a driveway, deck, turf or any cement surface where staking into the ground in not an option. Water Weights can be used to hold the tent in place but the correct type and quantity must be used according to each individual tent type, tent size and weather conditions. Please call your Baker Tent & Party Rental Representative if you feel that your tent cannot be staked into the ground to explore your options.
  Day / Weekend
Water Ballast $100.00

* To be used in conjunction with Water Barrels on Frame Tents and Navi-Track tents.
* Fire Hydrant Key, Permit and Hose Fee required for Water Ballast Rental. Please Call you Baker Tent & Party Rental representative for more information regarding this fee.