Track lights are ideal for stake and pole tents but can also by used on frame tents and Navi Track tents as well. Commonly the track is mounted to the center pole of the tent high up in the air, otherwise on a frame it is mounted to a crossbar or beam. This helps to keep a warm bulb out of arms reach. The track lights provide very strong lighting and are ideal for most events. In the event that you'd like to control the strength of your lighting, a dimmer switch can be installed per track. This is ideal for events where there will be dining and dancing. Keep the lights up while everyone enjoys their dinner, then dim them down when its time to hit the dance floor. Each track has its own dimmer switch so the caterer can still have light to work by while guests can enjoy ambiance lighting out on the dance floor dancing the night away.

  Day / Weekend
Track Light $75
Track Light with Dimmer Switch $110

* One track for each center pole is the usual quantity recommendation.