The Wedding Arch is made of white wicker and breaks down into 5 pieces making it easily transportable. The wicker is spaced far enough apart as to allow for things to be weaved through it such as tooling or small string lights for decoration. This arch is a blank canvas just waiting for you to start adding your own personal decorations to turn this into your own masterpiece. It stands approx 7' tall by 5' wide on the inside of the arch and 7'6" tall by 6'6" wide measured from the outside of the arch.(measurements taken from the farthest point of region) There is a wicker basket built into each side of the arch at about 5' from the ground that can hold a pot of flowers or what ever similar sized decorating material you'd like, or you can decorate fabric over them to blend them in, whatever fits your personal style.


*Decorations not included